I have finally managed to make all the infrastructure of this website *independent of external services*... as a result *no cookies are stored on your computer when you visit this website*... Hooray! The process was initiated to comply with the "EU eprivacy directive": and the related "privacy guidelines":, which require informed consent for storing cookies on one's computer. Silly as it initially sounded to me (various technologies can be used to protect from cookies and other tracking technologies; see, e.g., "Tracking Protection for Firefox":, *I took the law as an occasion to reassess the services I was using*, namely Google Analytics and Disqus, and read their privacy policies. I finally decided to replace these services with other options which are privacy-friendly, even though they might require more work on my side (e.g., filtering spam) and do not look as nice. Tracking technologies are estimated to be a business worth 80-billion per year. This is the value of the personal information we give away when, e.g., we browse and use some "free" services which track users (see also the recent "speech by Tim Cook":, although his speech might have a different motivation). I am not against companies providing free services and nothing against companies tracking users: *I simply do not want to have an active role in this model*. As an additional bonus, I have also extended the possibility of commenting on this website, making various pages commentable. All comments are moderated.