Software Project Management

Information and Business Organization Engineering Undergraduate Degree
University of Trento

Lectures and material presented (the same set of slides might appear multiple times).
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Introduction (2015-09-15)

Description: Introduction to the course. Exam modalities, course goals and topics addressed. PM associations.
Why we need SPM some failed projects.
What is a project and types of software development projects.


Project Stakeholders and Project Selection Techniques (2015-09-16)

Description: Project stakeholders and their influence on a project.
A general framework for managing (software) development projects (that is, the diagram).
The feasibility study techniques (payback, ROI, net present value, score matrices). Some considerations about sustainability.


Course Project Assignment, Feasibility Study, and Formalizing the Project Goals (2015-09-22)

Description: Information about the optional project assignment.
Some notes about how the feasibility study is structured. Some examples of feasibility studies.
Formalizing the project goals SMART and MOSCOW.


Software Development Activities (2015-09-23)

Description: The main building blocks of Software Development activities requirements, analysis, testing, and implementation.


Course Assignment; Work Breakdown Structure (2015-09-29)

Description: Some more information about the course assignment. Moving from goals to action: the work breakdown structure.


Estimating and Scheduling (2015-09-30)

Description: Estimating the work necessary to achieve your goals. Estimation techniques.


Resource Leveling and Introduction to estimation (2015-10-06)

Description: An example of critical path. Leveling resources.


Function Points (2015-10-07)

Description: Estimating using function Points. The FP calculator (an Excel spreadsheet). A simple example, the Gas Mileage Calculator.


Managing IT Projects in a Developing Country (2015-10-13)

Description: Slides of the ITMPI webinar, describing experience and lesson learned in managing IT projects in a developing country.


COCOMO (2015-10-14)

Description: The COCOMO family of assessment methods.


Optimizing the Plan (2015-10-20)

Description: Optimizing the plan, project crashing and fast tracking. Some basic information about Critical Chain Management (be aware of the principles behind).
Scheduling exercise: moving from a specification to a development plan, organized using a Waterfall process.


  • Optimizing the Plan project crashing and fast tracking only (till slide 17); hints on CCM (> slide 17)

Cost and Budgeting + Basic Development Processes (2015-10-21)

Description: From the schedule to the project budget. Techniques to foresee and control expenditure in your project.
Software development processes: waterfall and RUP.


Agile Software Development (2015-10-27)

Description: Becoming agile.


Agile Software Development (part II) (2015-10-28)

Description: Becoming Agile


Exercise on Agile Software Development (2015-11-03)

Description: Applying the agile concepts in practice.

There is no material (yet).

Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control (2015-11-10)

Description: The standard techniques to make a plan into action. Monitoring time and costs.
The magic of Earned Value Analyis… three numbers are you are done. The point is how you compute these numbers.


Agile Earned Value Analysis (2015-11-11)

Description: Applying Earned Value to Agile Processes.


Software Development Process (2015-11-17)

Description: Traditional Software development processes and exercise


Project Closing (2015-11-18)

Description: How to properly close a project.


Risk Management (2015-11-25)

Description: Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.


Communication Management (2015-11-24)

Description: Disseminating your project results. Dissemination and PM. Project Communication.


Project Pricing (2015-11-25)

Description: Project Pricing