Software Project Management

Information and Business Organization Engineering Undergraduate Degree
University of Trento


Schedule and Registration

ESSE3 holds the truth: check for dates and register in ESSE3, if you want to take the exam.

Important remark. The written exam (the one you really want to register to) is marked by ESSE3 as a “partial test” (this is because I can register your grades only after the optional interview). Please register to the partial written test: if in doubt, just come and ask.


The exam is composed of three parts:

  1. an optional assignment (see below)
  2. a compulsory written exam
  3. an optional interview

The interview is usually scheduled one week after the written exam: see below or get in touch with the professor for the details.


  • the assignment allows one to get up to three points. See the project page for more details
  • the written part allows one to get up to 31 points. With one/two imperfections, you can still make it to the top
  • the optional interview allows one to get between -3 and +3 points

The final grade is determined by summing the scores obtained in the different evaluations. The maximum, 30L, can be obtained only if the written part is > 30 or if the written part is >= 30 and the interview is > 0.

Best before …

The assignment is valid till you pass the exam. I automatically add the score to any written part you decide to take.


For the written exam you may take with you:

  • printed copies of reference material (e.g. printed copies of the slides, notes, books)
  • a calculator

You cannot use:

  • computers and other communication devices, even if they are not connected (for instance: cell phones cannot be used, even if you intend to use them only as calculators)

Code of Honor

When you take the exam, you agree to observe the following code of honor, which is inspired from the one made available at

  1. Answers to homework, quizzes and exams will be your own work (except for assignments that explicitly permit collaboration).
  2. You will not engage in any activity that will dishonestly improve your results or dishonestly improve/hurt the results of others.

Sample Exams

Some sample exams can be found here.