Software Project Management

Information and Business Organization Engineering Undergraduate Degree
University of Trento

Budget and Project Pricing Assignment

Some more details about the assignment.

Project Budget

What I want:

Output. A short document or a presentation which explains the numbers you get. In other words, the following is not sufficient: "I have spent 10000 euros; I will spend another 20000".

You want to convince me that you know how to compute the numbers.

Project Pricing

The goal is exercising your business skills and "invent" how you could make money for your project/product.

Consider the following questions:

Output A short document or a presentation. I don't care for fancy descriptions. One example of Market Analysis could be:


* Microsoft Office: product (400 euros) and service (free of charge)
** Strong at: current market share; revisions functions
** We beat it for: blah, blah

* LibreOffice

Please be honest and realistic: if there are no competitors, say so (but make sure I won't find any!)