Software Project Management

Information and Business Organization Engineering Undergraduate Degree
University of Trento

Title URL
Introduction to the Course /downloads/slides/0A-Introduction-2014-2015.pdf
A Motivating example: Building a Static Website
Introduction to the course
Software Development Projects and Stakeholders
(Traditional) Software Development Process
A mini-development project: Gas Mileage Calculator
Project Initiation: Feasibility and Project Authorization
Formalizing the Project Goals
Deciding the work to be performed
Algorithmic Techniques for Estimation: Function Points
COCOMO – Constructive Cost Modeling
Project Scheduling
Software Development Process
Scheduling: Critical Path Computation
Optimizing the Plan
Budgeting and Accounting
Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
Project Assessment Exercise (EVA)
Project Closing
Project Pricing
Software Pricing
Cash Flow
Risk Management
Quantitative Risk Assessment /downloads/slides/C04-02Extra-InDepth-QuantitativeRiskAnalysis.key.pdf
Change Management and Configuration Management
Managing People
Ethical Aspects of Project Management
Agile Software Development
Agile Earned Value Analysis