Software Project Management

Information and Business Organization Engineering Undergraduate Degree
University of Trento


You can choose one of the following three optional assignment to get extra-credit for the exam:

For detailed information about essays and development projects get in touch with me by email or after the lesson. In the following you will get some more information about the project.


Held in conjunction with Blanzieri’s assignment. SPM related goals:

  1. Production of some SPM-specific deliverables
  2. Use of Redmine

List of SPM-specific Deliverables


Specification of deliverables:

Titolo Descrizione Scadenza Consegna
Consegna Specifica Gruppi Consegna specifica gruppi, utilizzando template Riccardi. 2014-10-03 email
Stima con Function Points e COCOMO Valutazione dell’effort e della dimensione del codice con COCOMO. (Utilizzare template o tool esistenti.) 2014-11-14 upload to Redmine
Project Budget & Pricing See notes on: deliverable spec 2014-12-08 (attention, it is on a holiday!!) upload to Redmine
Software Metrics, Timesheets & Actual Costs, Project Post Mortem Metriche software: dimensioni in SLOC del codice sviluppato e, opzionalmente, altre metriche di qualita’ (complessita’ ciclomatica, commenti per linee di codice)
Actual costs: dai timesheet, valutazione dei costi ‘effettivamente’ sostenuti nel progetto.
Post-Mortem: project closing e analisi e problemi incontrati nel progetto.
2015-01-10 upload to Redmine

Use of Redmine

Redmine is a free tool to support the management of software development projects. The functions which interest us include:

The assignment for each group requires you to:

  1. create a subproject of spm-2014-2015 named after the project (or an acronym, if the project title is too long)
  2. add your team to your project (not sure you have the privileges to do it: in case let me know)
  3. as soon as you have a schedule, build a release plan together with the issues/items allocated to each release. The process can be incremental and revised, according to the actual execution of your project
  4. allocate the work to people and manage the workflow of items (open, assigned, closed, …)
  5. log the time spent on each item

In parallel to the above mentioned activities:

  1. upload deliverables in the document repository (both the SPM-specific and those required by Blanzieri, since many evaluations require me to understand what tools you are developing)

The use of the other features Redmine has (wiki, todo list, …) is encouraged, but not compulsory. If you prefer to implemenent SPM deliverables as Wiki pages, it is perfectly fine with me.

As a final remark: a Redmine repository is often associated to a source code repository/versioning system. Doing it directly with Redmine requires a bit of work, which we do not want to do. You can have a look at Github or BitBucket, both of which allows you to create shared repositories for free.

Evaluation Criteria

General evaluation criteria are available on the evaluation page

Ownership of Deliverables

If you apply for the project, you will have to decide the license under which the material your produce will be released.

In particular, you will have to choose one of the following three options:

The choice of the licensing schema is completely up to you and it does not affect the evaluation. (The license is needed to make the material usable for other courses, publications, etc.; it is also an occasion to have you think about software and content licensing schema.)